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Inspiration Tours

Silicon Valley Inspiration Tours

Curated 3 or 5 days tours to book or have an individual arrangement

Max 10 participants per group.

Industry focus Tours (Energy • Retail • Food • Healthcare • Financial Services • Automotive)

Tech Tours (Big Data/Tech-Tour • Campus Tour)

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Global Inspiration Tours

Curated 5 days tours to book or have an individual arrangement

Max 10 participants per group.

Locations: New York • London • Tel Aviv • Dubai • Mumbai • Hongkong

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CEO Masterclass: Exponential Transformation


Insights from +5 years working with experts on Exponential Growth dynamics.

90min Webinar about the difference between linear- and exponential organizations, weak signals, an exponential mindset and the transformation from Linear to Exponential. 

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The Art of Public Speaking


I have worked with over 1000 speakers in the past 10 years, preparing for TED, TEDx Talks, SingularityUniversity Talks, Webinars, Presentations, Pitches, and more. The next webinar is held in german.

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The Skills of Social Intelligence

AdobeStock_295380679 [Converted].png

Inspired by Jaunty, fueled by life experience: enhancing soft skills, maybe the most important skills in a world where humans are getting worse in human interaction, ethics, cross culture and beliefsystems

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CEO Masterclass: Growth Hacking


Not about breaking things (~Hacking) nor a new buzzword of datascientists. Growth Hacking is the term for institutionalizing Experiment in large organizations to hypergrow an organization.

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The Mindset of a Datacompany


The Future of Brands


Lack of loyalty, the demise of attention span, the rocket growth of Internet-companies, the power of reputation. A lot of forces battling good old marketing book wisdom about brands/branding and customer relationships.

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Applied exonomics: the phenomenon TikTok

Laura TT 120 675 low.jpg

TikTok is the fastest growing social network in the internet. A webinar to understand TikTok, the Algorithm, the production process and how brands can take advantage of high engagement rates and community building.

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Your subscription is valid 365 days and gives you access to every program of your choice. Unlimited.

You will have the full program of webinars (the above and new webinars) and/or participate at any Silicon Valley Inspiration or Global Inspiration Tour of your choice. 


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Every Webinar, 365 days from the first day of your subscription. The Sessions will be recorded and you will get access to the recording of the session participated. Upon request you can also access the recording of a session not participated.

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Silicon Valley Inspiration Tours


The Silicon Valley Inspiration Tours, founded in 2012, is a program of curated conversations with some of the most inspiring personalities in Silicon Valley. If you are looking for “zoo-visits” to Apple, facebook, google, Tesla and others, you have hit the wrong button. This programs mission is to gear you up to a next generation entrepreneur. Get the subscription to the program and participate at any tour of your preference, how often you like.

EUR 6.000 • Book now

Global Inspiration Tours


In 2018, the Silicon Valley Program expanded to New York, London, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Mumbai and Hongkong. 4-5 Meetings per day to better understand these ecosystems and their focus for the future of our planet. This program does not only enhance your view of the world, it also expands your personal network into some of the most inspiring places on the planet. With the subscription you can participate at any tour of your preference, as many times you plan. EUR 6.000 • Book now.


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