2020: The year to enhance your skills

2020 will be known as the year were most of the traveling has been cut to home office and living rooms. It will be known as the first year where change has caused a major impact on our lifes. Some will call it a crisis. Some will remember it as one of the year, where they have learned the most.

This is for the latter. This is your year.


Soft Skills Webinar: Enhance your Social Intelligence


I think, the way we are treating each other, is currently one of the biggest issues of humanity. The Social Progress Index updates actually show that we are getting worse over the years in how we are treating other people. The Skills of Social Intelligence help you turning into a person, others love to hang out with. Ain't that tempting?

Two webinars on public speaking: 

Learn how to speak like the best

New presentation looks in a zoom-era

Public Speaking is one of the major future skills. With the demise of attention span (currently 7 seconds), mastering the art of articulation and having a great stage performance (bodylanguage, narrative/storytellung, stage fright,...) is key. This 1hr webinar is a fast track to a better speaker.

2020 is the year of virtual conferences and talks. zoom is the winner of this year. Attendees are the losers of this year. They lose exciting presentations. Don't you agree? Its the year of presentation fatigue. People! Make your zoom appearances more appealing. This 1hr webinar is a lot of fun and it will change everything. Promise.


From Linear- to Exponential Organization. The Transformation Guidebook Webinar

Understand the difference between Linear- and Exponential Organizations. Method, Mindset and Belief-System of an Exponential Entrepreneur. Principles and Tools to transform from Linear to Exponential


Experiment Thinking. Exponential Learning

Organizations of all kinds and industries have one thing in common: they are chasing success. From Tech-Savvy to Product-Heros, over time a lot of them have developed a "Product Death Cycle". Until today most of the companies try to make their products better to attract more customers and scale. The result is a world of too many products and a suspension of brand loyalty and the demise of attention span. 

This workshop is about a new organizational setup that helps Linear Organizations transform to Exponential Organizations and gradually change their organizational setup towards a culture of experiment, fast learning and hypergrowth.

This is not a data-scientists topic.


TikTok for Business. Seriously? Yes!

My first opinion about TikTok was not too high: is this "teletubbies for adults"? The answer is: no. Even though sometimes it still feels a little like it. But this is a 1.5Billion user portal, the fastest growing social network since 2018.

If you want high interaction with your audience, customers, friends, peers: this is (currently) the way to go.

So don't be as arrogant as me and learn from us about this insane phenomenon. Us is me plus the incredibly successful Laura Falquez who has reached 1.5 Million people in only the last two months. 

This webinar is not only interesting and surprising with strong facts, it is also a lot of fun: you have the chance to produce your first own TikTok during the Session. 


The Future of Brands and Institutions

Lack of loyalty, the demise of attention span, the rocket growth of Internet-companies, the power of reputation. A lot of forces battling good old marketing book wisdom about brands/branding and customer relationships.


The Exo-Masterclass:

The Mindset of a Data-Company

Visit the brain of facebook, amazon, google, tesla, uber, airbnb, twitter, autodesk, tencent, wix, adobe,...

Explore the thinking of a data-company - and turn creativity and innovation into a result of a process.