You are so 2020!
The kickass sign of 2020 is: BUSINESS NINJA.

Jump into the New Year with the real thing.


2020. The year of Exponential Organizations taking place of the establishment. They call these old companies "Linear Organizations" and they have a backpack of reasons why the world should extinct linear organizations.

Old rules, old principles lead to problems, wrong distribution of power, the loss of soft skills and human centric innovation.

2020 is your year. Everything will become better for you. You are about to be skilled a Moonshot Business Ninja. I can feel you are ready for it. 

Two days to acquire the mindset of an Exponential Entrepreneur.

Let me know if you are interested. Your Business Therapist.


Day one

Day two

Session 1

Intro To Exponential Organizations

WS 01: Reimagine Your Business

WS 02: Time to define your new "North Star Metrics"

Session 2

How To Attract The Best Players

WS 03: Employee Engagement 1

WS 04: Employee Engagement 2

WS 05: Acknowledgement 1

WS 06: Acknowledgement 2

Session 3

Not What You Do Is Wrong.

But Maybe How You Are Doing It.

WS 07: Problem Solving 1

WS 08: Problem Solving 2

WS 09: Introduce a Complex Project 1

WS 10: Introduce a Complex Project 2

Session 4

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

WS 11: Open/Close Meetings 1

WS 12: Open/Close Meetings 2

WS 13: Decision Making 1

WS 14: Decision Making 2

WS 15: Reflection & Motivation 1

WS 16: Reflection & Motivation 2

Session 5

Disrupt Your Industry

WS 17: Act Like a Datacompany

WS 18: Creativity is a Result of a Process 

WS 19: Unintended Consequences

Session 6

Become the Best Version of Yourself

WS 20: The Skills of Social Intelligence