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Not a Gun kills a Man – The Shooter kills a Man

Not the gun kills a man - the shooter kills a man

What does the most common argument of pro weapon activists have in common with the fear, associated with latest technological advancements?

To begin with, I am NOT pro guns. Au contraire, my son is often disappointed when I show zero interest in his shooter games.

I just find this very strong (pro gun) argument a supportive comparison to the many conversations I have with people who show doubt that the exponential growth of technological development is a good thing for us humans. Many of the conversations are security-issues driven and people fear that the big players are interested in their data to harm their life by manipulating their purchasing decisions.

I think we have to stop blaming technology for both good- and stupid decisions we make. Ronja Sebastion shared her epiphany in one of her blogposts: „There is no inherent meaning in circumstances“ - which basically means that what ever happens around us is neither good nor bad, but it is always about what we make out of it.

We have to grow as a society and stop fearing technology for its potential abuse. First, abuse has always happened, but if we stop innovating to avoid abuse, we will not develop, anymore. And I am sure you all agree that it is a good thing that we do not live in caves, anymore.

Secondly it is worth mentioning that criminal minds do not need a gun to kill a man. These people do not have boundaries and they are way more innovative than we actually know. Often enough, they do not just follow or (ab)use technology but actually shape and develop it. In case of doubt, follow the amazingly inspiring and interesting work of Marc Goodman. You can watch his 2012 TED talk here: Marc Goodman: A vision of crimes in the future - TED Talks

This is not an invitation to numb worries and fears, I do not want you to unconditionally embrace technology, it is ok to be mindful what happens with your data. (and it would fill a book, talking about how (not) mindful we actually are about our private data while voicing worries publicly)

This is an invitation to explore, how technology and other disrupting changes of our times can be supportive to make your life better, to enhance your skills, to solve problems and to replenish a planet that is a place we are proud handing over to our children.

I am inviting you to inbox me, or comment to this post, finishing the following sentence:

Because of the covid pandemic, I could _______________________

Make smart decisions, my friends. We are in an amazing era.

You do not want to be the old person, lying in your deathbed and looking back at 2020 and admitting to yourself that you missed that opportunity.

All the very best


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