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Life is Constantly Getting Better and Better

There is no inherent meaning in circumstances

in other words: it never matters what is happening, or what has happened. It is only about what you make out of it.

Recently I rewatched Ronja Sebastians vlog about this epiphany, I am now sharing with you.

Personally, I have just recently undergone a life experience that shockfreezed me. I was stuck in the event and lost weeks and months before I actually started to make something out of it. Have you ever had such an event? I bet, you had. Maybe it was an event that did not consume your attention over weeks or months, but surely something that make you stuck, made you question substantial things, made you wonder about fundamental beliefs, maybe even made you sabotage yourself.

We have all been there. Some of these events were more impactful, some of them felt intense for a moment.

Life is simply life happening. It is not what happens in life that determins our experience, but the determination about what is happening.

A product of a lifestyle in abundance is a beliefsystem of lack. If we have one choice, we would never suffer fear of missing out ("FOMO"), there more options we have, the more we fear we have picked the wrong choice. Unless we want to drown in self mercy, the only way to move on is to transfer to a beliefsystem of opportunity.

Life is constantly getting better and better.

In a beliefsystem of opportunity, we understand that every loss we experience, the hard time we are going through, just means that life is making space for something better. Life is making space for the next upgrade.

It is always our own choice how we feel about something. No one can tell us how to feel about an experience. Well, people can and people do. But it is always our own decision, how we actually feel.

Life is making space for the next upgrade. I really like this concept. It basically means, no matter if one chapter ends in a good, neutral or dramatic way, the truth is that it just ends. And one chapter ending allows a better chapter to begin.

You do not have to understand everything.

That is maybe my toughest nut to crack. I want to understand things. The moment I understand things and I can backengineer the process, status quo starts to make sense for me. I am a totally reason driven person. Once things make sense, I don't need further explanation, support, pushing or discipline. I just go for the next reasonable decision and consequence.

But in a concept of one event making space for a better to come, and in a concept of the event per se is irrelevant, understanding becomes a luxury bonus feature. You do not have to understand everything.

I am curious what you think about it, share your story with me, can you embrace this concept, as well? Life is so so so much less complicated than we often belief it is.

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