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Oxytocin Day: Time for a Hug

Yes to this drug. It's free, completely legal, has zero side-effects to be worried about and its not even a scarce ressource of nature. It supports bonding, wellbeing, fights fear and worrysome, builds trust and attachment, produces anti-depressant-like effects and even supports sexual fitness.

A lot of people are not making good decissions when it comes to their own wellbeing. They eat the wrong things, work too much, they live a stressful life, they hardly ever workout. Their focus on Monday-to-Friday-Life is: stay functioning. Ever been there? Ever been soley on functioning?

How about starting the next week with a massive cuddlehug. Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier. Give yourself 10 minutes of warmth and cuddling. Maybe its your first workday of the year? If so: even more. It's such a beautiful thing to start a day with a cuddle. (and your body will produce some nice AAA Oxytocin - our favorite inhouse drug).

Comment with a YES if you did it.

Maybe just do it again. How about: tomorrow?


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