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Reinvent Yourself.

The first necessary life decission is always: are you a driver, or are you a passenger?

In case you decide for the driver seat, buckle up. The ride is going to be wild. A hell of fun and joy, but wild. We live in an exponential world. Technology evolves at exponential pace.

Be ok with not understanding what that means. We are a species of evolution and exponential functions are not build-in in our mental blueprint.

Congratulations, you have just finished the first lap. You are driver of a car, racing with doubling-acceleration, you don't know what this means and you are far away from control. I promised it will be a fun ride.

Second Lap. What was true in the past, might not work in the future. The rules of physics told you how to keep your car on track, you learned how to predict sliding and making the machine work for you. But you are racing in more-dimensional space, now. Wait. the car is accelerating at exponential pace, the track is not a road and what you have learned is not useful practise anymore? Bamm, what a ride? Feels more like a rollercoaster than a race track, right? Sorry to say, but no: a rollercoaster has a track, as well. This ride is completely out of control. What are you actually steering, Mister and Mrs driver? Ka-Tong. Survived Lap two. Still there? You're a driver. I am sure, we have not lost you.

Third Lap. How can it become any worse? We are already in a not-from-this-planet speed on a off-the-charts virtual and x-dimensional track. Whats next? Let me tell you: a lot of lost vehicles, drivers and passengers are floating around you. They dropped out. They did not make it. They held too tight on what worked in the past, on tracks that are paved and on physics from schoolbooks.

This is the race, you are in. Mr and Mrs driver. Are you still in? If yes, here is some relief. If laws don't apply anymore, if a previous true turns into a false, today, if everything is in question – THIS is the time for you to set new rules.

New rules for you.

New rules for your industry.

New rules for the people around you.

These new rules must be good rules.

These new rules must have sense and purpose.

These new rules must be about a WE and not about a ME.

These new rules are made by people who did not make the past rules.

So don't hold tight to the last version of yourself. Be happy, grateful and positive about everything you have achieved, everything you have learned from failure and success, everything you have seen working and everything you have seen not working. Share gratitude. Say thank you. Let everyone know you appreciate.

And then. Move on.

To the next version of yourself.

The race is (still) on.

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