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The Person of The Year 2020: YOU

Browsing through the lovely feeds of memes about your potential will soon tell you that there is one person on earth who can help you becoming who you want to be, achieving all your goals, one person being equipped with all the skills it takes to be successful, rich, loved and all the good achievements we all envision. All these feeds agree who this person is and of course you know who this person is.

So I want to invite you to go time travelling with me. Let us hop on the time machine, together. Let us travel to Jan 4th, 2021. The first year of this decade has just passed, you are reflecting your highs and lows. You have just been celebrated „Person of the year 2020“. What a great feeling, what an honor.

What have you achieved to be awarded? What made you stand out, this year? What did you do better than anyone else in 2020? Write it on a sheet of paper. Put it in an envelop and send it to yourself. Receive this letter on Jan 4th, 2021.

Comment with a brief „I“ and I will contact you in a year to hear your story.

And for now: on with the show. Great things ahead.

PS: congratulations on the award!

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