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Was today a good snapshot of yourself?

The first gift of the new decade: I want to help you becoming the person you want to be.

Who am I to say something like that? Well, I am not saying anything. It is all up to you to reflect how many times you bend yourself into a version you think, others expect you to be. How many times you obey rules, paradigms, corporate processes.

How many time you say yes but think no. If any or anything like the above apply, here is one little thing you can do, every day:

As yourself at the end of the day: "Was I the person, I want to be, today?". And you will feel the answer.

You might begin with a percentage and be ok with everything above 75%. But soon, you will realize that everything under 99% just means: you have missed the chance of a whole day, being who you want to be.

And when you do this, every day - you will gradually transform to the person you want to be. And attract the people you enjoy having around. And attract the jobs you enjoy doing. And attract situations you feel comfortable in. And life will become better and easier for you. And others might say "he/she has an easy life" - and it might have a little sound of envy, they might even be jealous.

But you will know you have worked your way up there. Gradually. Every Day.

Welcome to the new decade. Welcome to the next version of yourself.

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