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What if....and everything will be different.

I live a life in a conference circus; being part of the wonderful global TEDx organizers-family, the insanely inspiring and thought-shaking Singularity University faculty and the World Summit Award, active in 180+ countries to amplify digital solutions that cater to the UN SDGs - probably makes me a spoiled kid. 

We have conversations about the future of education during breakfast, listen to amazing speakers that elaborate on the effects of Artificial Intelligence on the future of government, spin crazy ideas around new concepts of energy production and after afternoon talks around social businesses struggle with risk-taking decisions to remain innovative, we dine on a table with young achievers, sharing the status of their PhD work, community gurus and their spectrum from organising to psycho-therapeuting their peeps of all ages. 

I only realize how “unreal” my life is when I am between conferences, finding myself in discussions wether self-driving vehicles will ever roll out (literally), the danger of artificial intelligence and a broad range of neglecting of technologies and the fact that our lives will change fundamentally within the next 10-15 years.

I am writing today, because I would like to invite you to consider ending discussions around if and whether, leaving the judging behind, what is good and what is evil. I am not encouraging you to embrace everything and to say yes to all (although that’s actually an interesting concept, but not the point of this message). I am writing you today, because I identify lack of knowledge about what is happening in the world right now as the main source/cause of having the wrong conversations. While most of us agree that education is crucial, I feel a certain level of ignorance when it comes to self-educate upon what is going on in the world, right now.

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who can’t read and write, but those who can’t learn, unlearn and relearn. (Alvin Toffler). In an exponential era, what is true today is not necessarily true tomorrow. And if the opposite is true tomorrow, it does not necessarily mean that it is wrong today. What is your “set of truths”?, and when did you establish it? What is your source of permanent influx to better understand the world we life in?

Here is a little service, sharing some good resources that work for me: Reed Hoffmans (Linked-in Founder) Masters of Scale Peter Diamandis Abundance Insider TED recommended Playlists Simon Sineks Start with Why

And of course our program in Silicon Valley and some of the most inspiring places in the world: Next Tour in Silicon Valley Next Tour in Tel Aviv Next Tour in New York Next Tour in Hong Kong Other Global Tours, this year

And if you have doubts, checkout some of our participants experiences.

This is an appeal to everyone, to all of you: please question your “truths” and beliefs, please find your best sources of reliable updates, podcasts, blogposts, etc. Don’t lose yourself in discussions about viability of things going on, because it is not necessary to know what will happen tomorrow. It is necessary to be prepared for many options and adaptive to whatever becomes the new normal, and you can never get to this mindset by wasting your time on those discussions. 

Because most of the time, just when you allow yourself the option “what if”, you will realize that you become ready to making different decisions. And thats all we need. For now.

Thank you!

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