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Who told you, you can't sing?

When people share their passion with me, I would always ask them, why they are not doing exactly this for life? Often enough, what they tell me, is: I am not good enough, how would I ever make money with this?

This reminds me to when people say, they can‘t sing. And where this is coming from. Because on day one, we never have been good at anything. Probably the first new thing, you started doing, was walking. We might have never met, so please don‘t take it personally, but I am very confident that your first steps did not look too good.

One of the next things, you started doing, was talking. Maybe you started talking before you started walking, it does not matter, however: your first attempts of talking were not too impressive either.

It did not matter, because it was amazing for your parents. They went crazy for excitment. They applauded your attempts. They made you feel you did something amazing. Now you know, you did not. For your parents it was amazing. So you moved on, reinforced with positive feedback. No parent ever said: stop walking, this is never going to lead you anywhere. Stop talking, all that is happening here, is un-understandable noices. Please stop, you will never talk, people will never understand you, its ridiculous, we are ashamed. No parent ever said that.

But then, you started painting. Or singing. Or handcrafting. And people around you stopped being kind about your first attempts. Don‘t sing. You can‘t sing. Don‘t paint, your drawings look terrible. Don‘t. And then you stopped.

Whatever you do, it is very likely that you won‘t have anyone around, applauding to every little step, to every humble beginning, to your first - far away from perfect - attempts. But that does not mean, you will not become really good at it. You have to trust in yourself. There is a reason why you are passionate.

Don‘t stop.

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