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Be uncool

What is the uncoolest thing, you have done, last year?

Was it maybe that one experience, where you had most fun?

I am a big foodie and breakfast is my favorite meal. A few years ago, I found myself at a wonderful brunch that turned out to be a brunch and dance gathering: after having breakfast, the majority of the people in the room went one floor up to dance boogie and swing and rock'n'roll in a neat ballroom. I would not say that they were great dancers, some actually really looked adorably uncool. But everyone in the room had big time. No one bothered if they would be cool or not, no one really cared if they were on spot with their steps. They just had a really good time, just being, just dancing, just not giving a f.

I was deeply impressed and really enjoyed watching them. Even though I decided not to dance, they taught me so much. Since then, every now and then I am consciously uncool, just for the pleasure of being. And I sometimes feel like the uncool Niki is the even better version of Niki, but whatever: Its an easy moment. And how many times do we allow ourselves easy moments?

The year is young, take it lightweighted. Embrace uncool. And have big time!

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