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Time to convert Blocking Forces into Supportive Energy

I am very self critical about my blocking forces. I them down. I learned to understand that there is the energy "forces" in blocking forces. Yes, might sound silly and obvious to you, but was something like an epiphany to me. So the work to be done is to twist the energy away from blocking me. That's what I did, to steer away from overthinking, doubt, being up late into the night, procrastinating, holding tight and making decisions, based upon hope. Lets see, does this apply to you, as well?

If you are overthinking, channel your thoughts into an agenda.

Convert this agenda into a metrics:

0-10 for: easy to do +

0-10 for: trust, i can do it +

0-10 for: impact of this activity to my personal or professional development.

with this metric you have just generated a prioritization.

If you have doubt, understand that doubt usually comes in stories. So write a diary. Sometimes watching yourself writing down thoughts already removes a lot of weitght of from these thoughts. Writing a diary supports your personal development.

If you are a nightowl, just pretend you go on a long distance flight over time zones. Adjusting your awake/asleep time might cause some jetlag experience, but be aware: morning time is calibrating time. Your workout might be physical practise but your workout might also be intellectual practise. If you are a gamer, sign on for a little game in the morning. Some adrenalin might be very supportive throughout the day. No ones around? I dont belief you, change your gaming peers, its always 5pm somewhere in the world.

If you are a procrastinator, pick some really easy things to do. Start with a new rule: everything that is done in less than 2 minutes will be done right away. You will be highly rewarded with this great feeling of getting things done.

If many of your life decissions are based on hope, convert hope into manifestation. Hope is never a great companion. A life based on hope is a life based on waiting. Put every item, every activity thats based on waiting from your list. Or pretend action and overrule the waiting element.

If you are holding tight to things, you already know you have to let go. Make a list of everything in your life, you hold tight to: material goods, external status, people. Nothing works if you have to hold tight on it. Trust me, I have been there, literally EVERYTHING, I held tight, turned into a painful and expensive, disruptive and miserable catastrophy. I am NOT exaggerating.

Your blocking force not on this list? Comment and I will return with a suggestion how you can make this energy work for you!

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