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Guidebook to unstuck your brain

I have shared a lot of my thoughts on entrepreneurial life, in my previous shootouts. I feel like what I enjoy sharing with you, is at the same time self-therapy. The saying goes so true: “if you want to understand something, teach it.”

Last week, I have included my facebook community in my thoughts and posted this:

In this world of successstories, beautiful people, smiling faces, embracing their lifes, sharing brilliant ideas on how to see the world and how close everyone is to being the most successful person in the industry, it is very brave to say: “I am not having a good time. my business is going down and i am scared.” I wonder, how many people have this thought, when they browse through all the updates on their social walls. I can only speak for me. I have these thoughts. Maybe 50 times a year.

I had a lot of doubts, posting this. It was clear that I was sharing my own concerns. The posting got ~80 likes and tons of comments within a few minutes. It made me decide to share an answer with all of you: my personal guide to unblock your (entrepreneurial) brain.

Here we go:

1) Make a list of 5 things you are really good at. Wherever we have doubts, at the same time we know that there are a few things, we are really good at. Where we hear from people that they have enjoyed/learned/taken something away/had a good time, watching you, listening to you, being around with you. Don’t be silly: everybody is outstanding at something. Even in your deepest valley of doubts, you know this. Make this list.

2) Distract your brain. You cant force yourself not to think about something. Please don’t think about a pink elephant. This is so old, that I am almost embarrassed, writing this here. Alright, we are on the same page. You cant stop thinking. Hence you have to jump into activities that make you think, as well. They just make you think about different things and the best part: you cannot think about two things at the same time. This is a cheap trick, agreed. But it works. Sign up for a conference. Expose yourself to some entertainment (theatre, cinema, comedy,..). Pack your friends and family and go on a one-day trip. There must be a waterfall, a wineyard, a grotto, a zoo, a lake,… somewhere around you. No? I don’t believe you.

3) Make a list of things you want to do. Never make a list of things you want to stop doing. Thats not sexy. No one wants to commit to things that are not fun. All our decisions are a result of priorities. If you put things on this list, you really want to do — do them. And you wont have time left for the things, you don’t want to do, anyways. DIsplay-time is a very common item on the list of things, we want to do less. Ever worked for you? no, right? See! Make a list of things that just don’t leave room for display time.

4) Write down just one word/line that reminds you to the last time you where really happy. Thats good enough. Already thinking about a moment of happiness, makes you feel good. Can’t recall a moment of happiness? Then f****ing stop everything you are doing, right now and try out all different things to figure out, what actually makes you happy. If you can’t remember a happy moment, creating one MUST be Nr 1 priority.

5) Make someone happy. Random acts of kindness are nothing new. But — hey — not all of what worked in the past, is not true, today, anymore. As you are reading this. Yes. Right now. Pause. Take your phone. Send a nice text message to someone who really will be surprised hearing from you. Click send before you continue reading.

6) Eat something really good. I call it cleaning from inside, for me it usually would be a salad or some vegetables. In San Francisco, I go to greens. But there are places like this, everywhere in the world. Maybe even in your kitchen/fridge. Eat good stuff in a very conscious way, almost medidative. You will be surprised about the effect. Do this at least every other week. How can we have a clear mind if we constantly put crap in our bodies. Its super-obvious that shit does not only leave your body through your buttwhole, but also through your brain. (Pardon my french)

7) Set the alarm to 6am in the morning. Get up early. Get out. Go on a walk, better: go on a run. A morning run does magic to me. Watch your city waking up — there is so much energy you can soak in from this. Cities are amazing at 6am.

8) Talk to people. We all think, the world expects us to be superheros. Wrong. Au Contraire. The world is actually scared of superheros. They are unhuman. Every person has this moment of being alone with his reflection in the bathroom window, every morning, this moment of doubt (“Am I enough?”). Share your concerns. You will see: you are not alone.

9) Go shopping. Seriously. I know. Thats silly. Well, no: its not. Buying something new also stands for doing something new. It can be a book, garments, a gadget or flowers for your spouse.

10) last but not least: only you can do this. No one can do this for you. Don’t vomit your bad vibes onto every person around you. Its respectless and does not help anyone. If you feel bad and you make someone else feel bad, two people feel bad. If you have some empathy left, you might even feel worse than before. Take 8) seriously and pick your person of trust wisely. Understand that listening to you is a gift, handle it carefully. Don’t be a sissy.

Rock the world! Best Niki

(I have put all this in a checklist: print it out and complete it. maybe every week, definitely every time you feel things are falling apart. Share your experience here)

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